For the Farmer

Right Crop for You

The nature of the soil, the climatic conditions and the rainfall prediction are one side of deciding the right crop. We also provide you information on projected demand and supply of different crops.

Get your work done

Time to Till the Land.. Time to Sow the Seeds.. Time to Harvest.. Where are the men & women, rightly skilled, when you need them to work on your land? Are you sure they are skilled?

Equipment Sharing

Is your Tractor, Sower, Tiller staying idle? Do you need a weeder, thrasher to work on your crop. Share the equipment within your area - village, mandal or district. Benefit from the Sharing

Pre-sell your produce

Before you harvest, do you know how much harvest are you expecting? Tell the world about your crop. Help them book your produce and buy from you at a predefined rate before harvest.

Store at the right place

When you cannot sell or do not want to sell, where do you store? Do you know the best facility nearby? Who gives the best rate? Let us help you identify the right place and time to store.

Fund your season

What are the best offers from banks? What subsidies does the government provide? What government schemes can you leverage? We give the right information to you.

For the Laborer

Work - 52 x 8 x 6

Are you worried about seasonal nature of work? Are you worried what do you do when Agriculture season is over? Do you want to Skill yourselves for best income?

For the Buyers

Source directly

Best rates come when you cut the flab. Reach the farmers directly buy the produce at best prices. Let us help you to reach the right crop and the right producer.

Be assured of quality

Are you worried about the quality of the produce? Are you concerned about quality and quantity? We will assure you the quality, quantity and the process of the produce.

For the Industry

Targetted Marketing

Know your potential buyer for seeds, fertilisers, equipment, pesticides. Reach them directly and increase your revenue.

Industry Analysis

Do you want to know what is happening in the farms? We aggregate data that helps you plan your future?

For the Banks

For the Government


In majority of the developing countries, agriculture still remains an unorganized sector. Farmers have a very poor networking and connectivity leaving them isolated from one another with no means of understanding what is best in the collective interest.
Arakabata brings to a platform where they can interact with fellow farmers as well as their suppliers and buyers. Arakabata organizes the Agriculture Industry to improve and increase efficiency and profitability for the individual farmers.

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